Ukraine Update – 11/17/2022

Elissa Bella Joy, Back 40 Missionary in Ukraine

Thank you so much for praying for Ukraine, for the people in the gypsy camp, and for the refugees and those serving them in the city of Mukachevo. Thank you for so faithfully praying for and supporting me and the ministry the Lord has entrusted me with. I’m blessed beyond measure that we were able to continue with the weekly hot meals and food distribution in the refugee camp. There are families who sometimes go without food for two or three days, and these are people living in the least troubled region of Ukraine. Please pray that we can continue providing food for those in need, and please alwaysprayfor Ukraine.

Elissa Bella Joy

Pastor Oleg, Pastor and Volunteer Military Leader in Ukraine

Pastor Oleg was a pastor when the war started and he became the leader of a volunteer army. He was later wounded by a mortar attack, and due to the lack of medics on the front lines, he got in his pickup with a wounded arm and leg and drove through the battlefield picking up wounded and dead soldiers. Since then, he has received training as a medic. Each night, his team drives near the Russian front lines, picking up the wounded and dead. He feels the dual tensions of saving his country and bringing the gospel to those who need it. All of this is underwritten by the church and fellow believers, including Back 40 Ministries.  

Over the last 24 days, Pastor Oleg’s team:

  • Drove 5,778 miles.
  • Used 317 gallons of fuel at $9/gallon.
  • Evacuated 239 civilians and wounded soldiers.

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Pastor Oleg
Pastor Oleg (in the middle) and his rescue team